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Guiding and facilitating grief groups, officiating end-of-life gatherings, being a presence at bedside, beckon me to speak about grief: what it is, its essential purpose, and our response to it.

I know this subject well. It is my own story. Becoming accomplished at something means there have been mistakes. I share those too.

Buried grief hangs around like an unpaid bill—always wanting your attention and, instead, is shuffled to the bottom of the stack. It lingers there, with edges sticking out from under the weight of its covering, denied the bright light of day. Buried grief needs to surface and be addressed.

Being with the dying and those challenged to overcome death is my depth in this field. This book is for all who have lost a loved one. My desire is to walk beside you, awaken you to new thoughts and ideas about recovery from the devastation of your loss and resulting grief.

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