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KLEEN by Alexander J McCurry


Such is the growing and sustained attack on our environment scientists have for a couple of decades warned us that the consequences of our abuse could trigger changes in our environment that would make life as we know it impossible for humanity to exist. But despite all this, as our government is in charge, we the masses do nothing. The extreme complexity of global environmental destruction becomes encapsulated in the simplistic sound bites of Climate Change or Global Warming and therefore a governmental issue. Easily ducked by ourselves as its impossible for us alone to affect the climate…
However, if you are 
Kleen this thinking is unacceptable.
Kleen is whenever you use your EGOR, our Evolutionary Gift of Reasoning, that puts Natural Law above Human Law and all its social constructs.
Kleen not only makes us aware of our personal part in exterminating our environment for those who create and control social structures and how to combat them but also, as important the non-actions we can take to destroy the structures associated with environmental destruction simply by withdrawing your financial or moral support from those structures. To no longer support, political orthodoxy, financial propaganda, Shakkler rhetoric is a death sentence to them all, the cost? A richer environment. A place where primitive capitalism will at first use its political power to destroy all opposition to its function, then when this route to its traditional mastery over the majority of people it will be replaced by obedient servitude, its rightful place in a democracy.
If we live 
Kleen and follow Kleen principles we can be the difference our planet requires, or more literally, desperately demands.

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