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Let’s Play by Shonel Jackson


Gabriela Espinosa is no 007!

Let's get that straight! What she is, is the owner of La Duquesa, a high end night club in the Centre of London. In Book 1 of the Era Capoeira Series, she meets a man one night who will ignite her passions. The meeting happens quite by accident... because she is spying! As LET'S PLAY begins, Gabriela is called by the rich, often sensual music of Capoeira. If she hadn't been in the right place at the right time, they might never have met. But from the moment they first lay eyes on each other, the spell was cast...

Sean Lancaster is a successful hotelier in the prime of his life. His business is growing leaps and bounds and his life has been enriched by 
Capoeira, a martial art which he has loved since he was a teenager. He has no complaints. But one night, a chance encounter with a stunningly intoxicating woman has Sean realising that maybe there is something missing in his perfect life.

He just had to hope that after he gives her a business card, she actually contacts him.
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