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Drawing on her years of experience as a child and adolescent psychotherapist and in her role as a year leader in a large secondary school, Samantha Morris MA shares with her readers all the ups and downs of a young person’s life and the things that matter to them the most. Sam, throughout her years of 1:1 counselling and interactions often felt limited in her ability to reach more people in need. This unique book is lighthearted, warm, at times funny but above all respectful. It differs from the traditional approach to mental health books.
This must have book is filled with a different conversation in each chapter based on her many interactions with students. It is designed to be dipped in and out of when needed. From the very beginning this book pulls you into the colourful character of each student, their personalities and vulnerability shine throughout each conversation. Sam’s relationship, expertise and warmth guide the student to a positive outcome. Reading this book will introduce alternative ways of approaching difficult conversations often avoided to prevent upset. During the conversations you will take in all the powerful and simple suggestions and advice enabling you as the reader to move a difficult situation forward. This book promotes resilience, responsibility and self-awareness with the long-term objective that all who read it will benefit from these powerful new ways of thinking. As a professional, parent or as a young person this simple but effective book will guide you through the progress of each conversation where you are invited to challenge some of those deep-rooted beliefs and habits formed in childhood - It’s a powerful read for all.

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