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The Journey of a Brave Girl by Geshi Kallychurn


This book of collective poems is based on my true life experiences, illustrating the journey of a courageous young girl, now, a young woman. The poems reveal her personal and most intimate experiences and thoughts, surrounding the challenges she has had to endure in her life, as a person with a physical disability and how having such a disability has impacted on her mental and emotional welfare.
The reader is given insight into the thoughts, often, quiet inner voice, of the young, brave girl that demonstrates how she lacks self-esteem, suffers with anxiety and depression but, throughout, manages to overcome the adversities that she finds herself confronted with.
Her journey is an arduous one, since now, as a young woman, she continues to experience emotional and physical hurt, sorrow, self- doubt and endless feelings of solitude. However, her unfailing determination and bravery, motivates her to continue to fight the struggles that she finds herself confronted with on a daily basis.
This book aims to provide the reader with hope, helping them to acquire the necessary disposition to remain positive, throughout their own life journey, facing whatever life throws back at them and discover their own self-worth and ultimate happiness.

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