Date: 29 August, 2020

Follow the journey of Barney the dog as he learns how to control his anger and discover how to teach your kids to manage their emotions effectively!

Barney was a marvellous dog. He was friendly, funny and sometimes a bit mischievous, in a good way. He was a swell fellow and was generally fun to be around. But he had one terrible flaw that threatened to wipe away all his good qualities.

Barney had extreme anger issues.

When he didn’t have his way, whether through a fault of his or others, he was prone to smashing things, upending furniture and generally being unpleasant. But deep inside him, Barney knew his anger was damaging his relationships and tried to find ways to deal with it, without success.

He seemed destined to be stuck with his bad habits forever until one day after another of his anger bouts had run its course. He was still sulking when he met Leo the wise cat who gave him two powerful magic tools to help Barney deal with his anger problems.

These magic tools were so effective that they worked immediately afterwards when anger was about to overcome Barney again. He was elated that he’d finally discovered the magic tools to help him control his anger.

Are you ready to discover the powerful magic tools Barney used to overcome his anger? If your answer is yes, then what are you waiting for?

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