Date: 12 June, 2021

What if you were born into a wealthy family who didn’t know about you?
I’ve seen the mansion my father owns – from the outside.

He lives there with his perfect wife and perfect kids.
I’m his dirty little secret that he’s been hiding from the world.

The quickie behind the high school bleachers 22 years ago, wasn’t supposed to result in anything – but it did!

My mom hated him and told me a million times about the money he gave her for an abortion.

She wanted me to be grateful to her, and to forgive her abusive behavior.
I ran as fast as I could when I was fourteen.

Seven years later I’m cynical, skeptical, and on guard.

Then a decorated war hero named Gabriel shows up in my life. Determined to help me.

To fix me!

I’ll show him that I’m not one of his soldiers, and that he can’t order me around.

I live by my own rules and trust no one!

At least I haven’t so far.

Black is a brilliant opposites-attract-novel that offers a fresh, new style. You might know Elin Peer from her hit series Men of the North and Cultivated.

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