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A Map of the Edge by David Isaak

Amidst the psychedelic haze and sexual revolution of Southern California in the Sixties, a young soul navigates the edge of innocence and self-discovery.

In the sun-soaked dream of 1960s Southern California, "A Map of the Edge" tells the poignant coming-of-age story of 15-year-old Rick, grappling with family secrets, heartache, and the treacherous underbelly of the counterculture. Abandoned by his mother and trapped in an abusive household, Rick uncovers the truth about his siblings' parentage, shattering his already fragile world.

Rick's attempt to shield a friend from trouble leads to his arrest for marijuana possession and a stint in Juvenile Hall. When he gets out, he finds an unlikely ally in the spirited Lincoln, a 16-year-old with messianic aspirations. Together, Rick and Linc set out to do their part to forge the new world they believe is on the horizon. They learn along the way that not everyone is intent on the betterment of humanity, and they descend unwittingly into the dark side of the California drug scene, culminating in a violent confrontation that leaves them both scarred.

Emerging from the ashes of tragedy and alienation, Rick is determined to reclaim his life and find the love he needs. "A Map of the Edge" is a powerful exploration of the human spirit, resilience, and the tangled paths we must navigate in search of redemption and self-actualization.

If you want to experience—or relive—the sexual freedom of the Sixties in full psychedelic fashion, join Rick on his journey.

And don’t forget to pack your head—because you’re going on a trip!

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