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In our modern culture, Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection’ is taken as a ‘given’ for the basis of the explanation of our ‘Origins’ and the development of life on earth. However, if we dig deep into the theory’s origins and the science behind Darwin’s conclusions, does it hold water and stand up to close scrutiny?

That Natural Selection occurs is clearly true, but can we go beyond what is observable and repeatable to provide a reasonable explanation for the progression of life right from the development of the first cells to the complexity of higher organisms? If the science doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, then what is the alternative and are there Theistic implications for us as a species on planet earth?

In this book, I seek to explore the more recent scientific research, conscious that science itself is continually evolving, to offer you, the reader, a potentially more plausible explanation for our human existence, and give you hope that we have more purpose than that which simply arises from random chance acting on a ‘bag of molecules’ gradually improved over time!

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