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A Solitary Drum by Tom Phelan


Lured to Spain, ex boxer Joe Fitzpatrick is in a race against time to save a kidnapped mother and her young son from being swallowed up into the human trafficking network.

Joe dices with death by infiltrating dangerous cartels on the Costa del Sol. The IRA, Polish drug smugglers and Russian traffickers all get involved before Joe finally falls foul of the powerful London crime family that run their illicit operations from Andalusia.

Joe returns to London to take the gangsters on in their own back yard, to stop them once and for all from flooding the streets with their synthetic drugs by meeting violence with violence.

This gripping sequel to Tom Phelan’s debut novel ‘Beyond Any Reason’ is an emotional rollercoaster, one minute you will have your heart in your mouth, the next you’ll be laughing out loud, it will have you hooked on every page…

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