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An Unexpected Journey by John H Livens


“My life shows that we as humans cannot always change or control our circumstances. We cannot anticipate all the obstacles in our path. We can, however, choose our attitude, our actions, and how to overcome the obstacles we face. This will define our character, values, and faith.”

It is only through the discovery of another’s life story that we gain perspective on our own.

As a man looks to his past, he finds a wealth of wisdom. John H. Livens was born in Latvia in 1933 and has lived a life across continents, through wars, and with an unwavering optimism for a better future. In his autobiography, An Unexpected Journey, we travel through time as he revisits his upbringing and how it shaped the man, the friend, and the husband he became.

With a strong voice and ethical code, John walks through his early years of privileged life in Latvia, the loss of everything during World War II, and resettlement in the United States. Overcoming obstacles with two Harvard degrees and business success, he began a new life. John epitomizes the unfettered freedom that the United States offers to all, regardless of background. He pursues life’s opportunities with tenancy and integrity.

John shares his memories—from his luck of escaping Soviet capture to his enriched life in the United States. Through each one, family is an ever-present element, and he pursues the ultimate goal of a personal relationship to fulfill his life and remind him of the wholeness from his early, carefree childhood.

Join John on his journey and uncover the unique experiences of a well-lived life.

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