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These are stories and commentaries from my life in medicine.
They are variously amusing, tragic and thought provoking.
In a Tale of two Physicians, one is disgraced; the other vindicated. A sweet elderly lady is convinced she is pregnant. A new drug for erectile dysfunction, TachyTurgo, has an extremely messy launch. The Senior Physician reconnects with his first love, and a terminal cancer patient escapes his overprotective carers and briefly touches nature. A Nobel laureate scientist locates the soul, while Dick mislays his penis. The government decides to compensate coal miners for lung damage, but the money goes to solicitors. John meets a scientist and discovers he is a fictional character from his childhood. Nurse Cheryl is persuaded to send Dr Jarvis a Valentine card, but it doesn’t go well. I try and fail to sell my daughter’s viruses, and I get help from a world famous athlete in managing a tragic situation. I battle to save a poisoned patient but I ruffle a few feathers.

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