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Leaders today understand that too much ego can be destructive and can have broad-ranging consequences for a team or a company. When a leader is operating purely from ego, instead of focusing on what’s best for the team or the company, the focus is often turned to what best satisfies their own personal agenda. Although most of us are aware of the damaging impacts that these patterns can have, many of us lack the knowledge or awareness to identify our own ego patterns, or the strategies to move beyond them.

This book offers a highly practical and experiential path towards identifying ego patterns and leading beyond them. It introduces a unique path—the Inner Compass—that has been tried and tested with top-level executives and senior teams around the world. This path helps solve the conflict that exists between subconscious, ego-driven defence mechanisms and the inner self‘s higher purpose. It’s a path that starts with self-awareness, and then continuously expands to include the impact on both teams and entire organizations. It is a path that raises awareness and enables the reader to embrace conscious leadership, not just as a concept, but in every interaction in their leadership role.

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