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Tired of traditional diets that leave you feeling frustrated and stuck? Ready to embrace a new perspective on your nutrition? Keep reading…

 When you hear the word diet, what comes to mind?

 Your thoughts probably jump to the latest fad that celebrities are raving about or your own experiences with diets that felt restrictive and unrealistic.

 But at its core, a diet is very different from dieting. One encompasses the foods that you eat, while the other tries to control those foods.

 For most people, nutrition is a bit of a mystery. With hundreds of sources of information that often conflict with one another, it can be totally overwhelming to even know where to begin.

 You might have been led to believe that to truly understand your nutrition, you need to work with expensive dieticians or personal trainers -- but this couldn't be further from the truth.

 The reality is that anyone, including you, can start to make changes in their diet that will immediately start having positive effects both mentally and physically.

 But how do you do that?

By understanding your dietary habits and the tendencies you have around food, you 'll discover exactly how much your subconscious is impacting your health and wellness.

Once you recognize the power of your thoughts and mindset, you can harness that power to start creating real, lasting change in your life.

 In Breaking Bad Eating Habits, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

      Practical advice for managing mindset, stress, and attitude while developing a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle

      How nutrition affects your development even before birth -- and why childhood influences are so powerful

      8 principles that form the basis of mindfulness with a 6-step process to help you become a more mindful eater

      Why diets don't work -- and the reasons why people fail even when they're highly motivated

      The effect of stress on cognitive function, weight gain, and your digestive system -- and what you can do to help reduce its impact

      Tips and tricks for adapting meals and recipes to immediately start improving your nutrition

      9 foods older adults need to cut back on -- and what you should be eating instead to promote healthy aging

      How to identify the mental habits and triggers that have become a part of your life over the years, without judgment or anger

      10 types of hunger and how to keep each kind in check with simple solutions

      15+ recipes designed to keep you feeling full and satisfied while balancing your nutrition

 And much more.

 Now is your chance to take the time limit off of fixing your nutrition. Say goodbye to diets that promise to transform your health in just 15 days or give results that won't last more than a few weeks.

 Instead, make the choice to truly invest in your health -- take an approach that considers every aspect of living healthfully and doesn't just give you a meal plan and a few useless dieting "hacks."

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