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Get WalletWise by Ken Remsen


This groundbreaking future bestseller is a comprehensive personal money management book that provides you a simple, straightforward plan for improving your money habits and money mindset.

Get WalletWise will teach you:

·       How to create a living budget and determine your net worth.

·       How to pay off your credit card debt and teach your college student how to avoid student loan debt.

·       Learn how to find a safe and profitable side hustle to increase your income.

·       Learn how to spend less than you earn and how to save the rest.

·       How to buy a house and negotiate the best price on a car.

·       How to avoid predatory lending practices that try to pick your pocket and learn how to avoid self-destructive behaviors that destroy finances.

·       Plan for your retirement and learn how to reduce your insurance expense.

·       Access downloadable resources to help you create your budget and track your expenses.

Learn positive money habits so you can successfully get your money right!

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