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Habana Secrets by Derek Mellor


Because of fate, Hahyoo is desperate to get away from his home town, Los Angeles. In the course of eight hours he boards planes at two airports at random, and arrives by chance at the ‘Nacional’, the poshest hotel in Havana, Cuba.

Stumbling across a woman who needs help, following the brutal murder of her husband and the kidnapping of her twin boys, he is faced with a dilemma. No one wants to help her, neither the hotel nor the corrupt police. The mob is involved and in control and will go to any lengths to collect a huge ransom.

Hahyoo’s dilemma: being an ex-cop and retired partner in an international trading firm based in Liverpool, he knows he can help. But will his dark secret allow him to follow it through?

This is a fast moving novel with many twists and turns, flavoured with romance, comedy and suspense. A book you’ll find hard to put down until you get to the last few pages when the secrets are revealed.

Habana Secrets is the third in a series of historical suspense novels set in the last century.

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