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Hlattomia by Michael D. Belk


Following unexpected severe events at their small farm, twins Alex, and Karl, have to leave home to help their family manage through the winter. Walking along the coastal path, they come across an Arabic sailing boat, which, following an earlier storm, had been violently beached the night before.
They find three survivors, two sailors, and a young girl. She is heir to the Halqi throne. They help repair the boat and get the survivors back to their home on the island of Halqi.
This is where their adventure starts. The King becomes incapacitated, leaving the young girl to govern her country. She soon finds that the twins are a tremendous help to her. An archaeological site, Hlattomia, on Halqi, becomes the main focus, as it reveals its history, going back thousands of years. Attracting international attention it leads the twins to an almost unimaginable result.

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