The Innocents No More series has more than 5000 5-Star reviews. Thomas Stark has been put out to grass for the last six months, occupying a meaningless post as liaison to American forces who are not present in his part of Queensland. He is now rested and fit to fly and command, in control of his temper, drinking less and recovered from the burnout consequent on nearly three years of war flying. Orders come to create a Wing of Beaufighters at Port Moresby to provide ground support to the Australian forces who have fought the Japanese to a standstill on the Kokoda Track and are now pushing them back. The Wing is to be built up from nothing and will comprise three recently created squadrons who have just completed training on their new aircraft. Thomas is the only man in the Wing who has flown in the Territories of Papua and New Guinea. He has an interesting task ahead of him.
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