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Opposite Worlds by Eugene Vesey


Opposite Worlds is the follow-up to Ghosters. Frank Walsh, 25, has lost his faith and left the Roman Catholic seminary where he was studying to be a priest. Now he has left home and family again and fled to London to re-invent himself. Having been jilted on their wedding day by his Yugoslav girlfriend, with whom he has had a passionate affair, he finds himself alone and lonely in London again. He has a passionate affair with another student at the Soho school where he teaches English to foreign students, this time a glamorous Greek girl. However, this relationship doesn't work out either and Frank is left alone and lonely yet again. Then, one evening in a folk club in an Irish pub, he hears a young, attractive girl singing and instantly falls in love with her. Her name is Mary, he contrives to meet her and she falls head-over-heels in love with him. Love leads to marriage - reluctantly at first on Frank's part - but their marriage proves to be a collision of two very different, indeed opposite, worlds ...

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