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Percheron Gold by Stephen Bill


A great untold Franco-American tale.
It’s spring 1889 when Irwin Gurd, the young, headstrong son of a struggling Kansas horse trader, defies his father, takes the family nest egg and heads across the ocean to France. His aim is to save the family from ruin and redeem his reputation. What he doesn’t realise is that some of wealthiest men in America are heading to the same tiny market town – all in pursuit of the same prize. Lacking their connections he will bear the brunt of local hostility. Only the guile and spirit of his pioneer forefathers’ together with the love and support of two very different women will offer the possibility of him ever returning home.
His odyssey is populated with a host of extraordinary real-life characters who came together in France at that time, with themes that resonate as much today as they did then.
Stephen Bill is an award-winning theatre and television writer. This is his first novel.

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