Renegades Volume 1: Rise by Shawn Frost

An intense action packed sci-fi fantasy super hero story set in an alternate dimension featuring giant robots, aliens with water-bending powers, and cyborg ninjas. As the world of Terra celebrates a new found peace following a decade long global war, a radical pro human terrorist group led by a dangerous, sadistic man named Ivan seeks to eradicate all non humans. In order to complete his goal, he and his men are searching for a weapon shrouded in mystery called Project L. Rising to challenge him are the Renegades, a miss-matched group of individuals of varying skill levels and unique abilities, each with their own reasons for hunting Ivan. Realizing Ivan is too much of a threat for any of them to handle alone, they unite in a hopes of uncovering and thwarting Ivan’s sinister plans. Will they be able to discover the secrets of Project L and defeat Ivan? Or will they fail and watch their world fall into chaos?
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