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With only one city to defend and a handful of soldiers, Commander Christopher Riddley is certain it’s a matter of days before his lifetime enemy finishes the war.

A strange order promises a way to save Hune, but it means trusting the magic of his world. The one that condemned them. 

Now, he needs to decide whether to betray his King or abandon his people in a desperate quest to overcome their fate. 

Find out how hope becomes the only logical option that could make the difference between life or death in the first installment of this new adult Epic Romance Fantasy Series

The last oasis of relative peace in Hune, Tundra has remained untouched by years of battle. The inhabitants face reality as hopeless soldiers return home for a last stand. Leaders have fallen and the King issues new orders in a final attempt to change the course of the war. New alliances must overcome contempt between races in order to save themselves. Some believe that there is magic left in Hune, but prophecies have foretold their destruction. As the people of Tundra cling to survival through hardships in the desert, the Colonel's son must believe again on a journey that starts alone.

In the forest another epic battle emerges. In order to turn the tide of war, they must discover themselves before it is too late. The seeds of destruction were sown long before anyone realized it, but hope must take root now to save Hune.

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