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Tales To Warm The Soul by Richard Adamski


Tales to warm the soul is an apt description of what each tale hopes to achieve. Written by the author over a period of many years; ghosts, the afterlife, mediums, friendly aliens, time travel, romantic tales give the reader the ‘feel good’ factor.
The Miracle Medium: A medium giving a demonstration in a village hall makes a miracle happen for all to witness. Night Of The Divine. Aliens visit a small market town on the millennium night and bring joy to the townspeople with their amazing powers. A Sound Faith. An elderly woman befriends some Hells Angels after saving one of their lives. They repay her in a way that can only be described as heavenly inspired. It Can Be A Wonderful Life. An unscrupulous businessman on Christmas Eve communicates with his guardian angel, named Clarence, via the computer screen. All is not what it seems.
Just four of forty-three heart-warming tales to put a smile on the reader’s face. The Whoo-Hoo-Whoo song at the end of the tales is guaranteed to do that, particularly if you’re a spiritualist.

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