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Taming D’Artagnan by Fi Whyms


Sex, drugs and rock n’roll (well, clubbing): ex-model Nicole has given it all up and now lives a quiet, lonely life, working in an office for an inbred sociopath. She regards the world with a wry, sardonic eye.

Enter D’Artagnan: arrogant, sly, sexy... and very French. Nicole is bemused to find herself being seduced by a man the very opposite of Karl, the love of her life who broke her heart so catastrophically four years earlier.

What Nicole doesn’t know is that the devious D’Artagnan intends to spirit her away to the dilapidated 17th century château he is about to inherit in South West France. Being the owner of 26 pairs of Christian Louboutin stilettos, Nicole is sceptical that life in a château in 
la France profonde is quite her cup of café. And more worryingly, is she really over Karl? It seems that perhaps he isn’t over her either...

In a dramatic ending she is finally forced to decide who her heart really belongs to: mercurial Karl, or the passionate D’Artagnan?

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