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The Chianti Chronicles by Kevin Cullen

The Vietnam War ended decades ago, but its heroes are still here. They are as diverse as America itself, but all of them have key things in common: love for their country, love for their families, and love for that greatest of vintages, Chianti. A young boy learns the truth of his father's service in Vietnam. An imposed tour in Vietnam separates two young lovers. A survivor of Ia Drang Valley contemplates ending his life right before Christmas.A charismatic, but troubled Vietnam vet longs for a woman he can never have. An Air Force Major, part of Operation Babylift, returns home to New York to bury her beloved brother. A "tunnel rat" saves a woman from her abusive boyfriend. A Silver Star recipient performs one last act of selfless courage and discovers what waits for him on the other side of life. A beloved community veteran suffers a senseless act of violence. A Special Forces operative pulls off the heist of a lifetime. Three old friends reminisce over the loss of a veteran and local legend. Settle in with your beverage of choice and prepare for a collection of short stories that will touch your heart and remind you of the real people hidden behind the history.
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