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There is a profound sense and feeling of magick in this world and this book is my invitation for you to bathe in it. You are about to witness the unfoldment of your own magick and contribute to a life of aligned manifestations, prosperity and wealth. The only thing you have to do is read the first word… then the second… then the third… and so on.

This book is filled with tools and techniques and journal prompts and practices that my mentors and teachers, my witchy peers, my students, and I have all been using for years. This is a direct invocation to creating and nurturing an abundant life. It’s so fruitful. You’ll see.

This journey is exactly what is going to push us towards that delicious feeling of divine liberation. And it’s even more yummy when we do it all together. Even though we may not see each other, we are a global tribe of witches, supporters, and unconditional lovers.

As you read this book, you will notice that your entire tribe, human and non-human, are all kindly by your side.

With love, gratitude, and sweet vibrations,

Mona Moon

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