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In The Reiki Manual, you’ll discover:

  • The foundational principles of Reiki... and why this way of living is so beneficial to all its practitioners

  • A brief look into the history of Reiki (so that you can properly understand how such a powerful and easy way of life became what it is today)

  • Groundbreaking insight into the different styles of Reiki, highlighting the power of each and how you can utilize them all to your advantage

  • How you can use common Reiki tools to help enhance your practice and bring your energetic awareness to new levels

  • The most common applications of Reiki -- and how you might apply these in your day-to-day life

  • How you can use Reiki to boost your mood, no matter what the situation in front of you looks like

  • A deeper look at the attunement process -- how to prepare for it and what to do after -- so that you can get the most from your spiritual journey

    Enough with all the sleepless nights and constant worrying about what fresh hardships tomorrow might bring.

    You just need to rebalance your approach to life... and once you do, you’ll see all the things you were once concerned about fall away as you leave your old life behind for good.

    No matter where you’re at today, a life of relaxation and internal peace is awaiting you.

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