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The Summer of 1970 by Wilma Hollander


The beautiful and charming small island of Herm in the Channel Islands has no traffic, a close-knit community... and secrets.

During her two-week holiday in Herm, Katie is hoping to find peace and quiet to reflect on which direction to take after her unexpected dismissal from a law firm. A change in career might be just the thing to stimulate her boring and predictable life.

So, in a moment of boldness, she accepts the invitation to accompany elderly, retired sailor Barend on his first visit to Herm Island in fifty years. After a daunting arrival by ferry in rough weather and a look at the local amenities—or lack thereof—she’s beginning to regret that decision. But then the island’s charm starts to win her over... or could that be Hamish, the gardener with a broad chest, muscled thighs, and a naughty twinkle in his grey eyes?

Events take an adventurous turn when a dangerous storm arrives just as Katie finds herself neck-deep in the mystery of an old missing person case and a past love story, as well as her own new romance. Bored? Not even a little.

‘The setting on the beautiful island of Herm is a delight as it describes the life and customs, along with some of the history of this small island... The combination of an old missing person case and the romantic story behind it makes for a fascinating read. A feel-good novel with some strongly appealing characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.’ Kate Walker – romance author

‘Engaging feel-good read with characters that develop well. A sunny atmosphere and an intriguing plot in a captivating background.’ Laurina van den Nieuwedijk for Biblion

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