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The Asding Vandals were an insignificant Germanic tribe with an undistinguished military record who lost most of their battles. How this small tribe survived a great migration from modern day Hungary to Africa, and then go on to rule a Mediterranean kingdom so powerful it could sack Rome, is an incredible story. Many books and films cover the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century, but few mention the key contribution of the Vandals. Yet if one man can be held responsible for the fall of Rome then the Vandal King Gaeseric would be the choice of many historians.

This series tells the story of the Vandal migration linking the few known historical events with plausible explanations of how those events could have taken place. This chaotic period featured a confusing number of different tribes and constantly fluctuating allegiances but let the narrator, a half-brother of the Vandal king, guide you through this unbelievable story. By the end you will agree that Gaeseric, King and the Vandals and Alans, deserves to be recognised as one of the great heroes of antiquity.

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