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Are you worried that Rheumatoid Arthritis will rob you of your independence?

After ten years of dismissive (or downright wrong) diagnoses, the author was finally told she had rheumatoid arthritis the week of her 40th birthday. Stunned and angry, she decided to not let RA interfere with her plans for a great life. Fifteen years into her journey with RA she’s learned a lot of tricks that make living with RA easier.

In this book you will discover:

  • Hacks on living with RA that you can start using today
  • Shortcuts for every area of your life
  • Ideas on energy management and conservation so you can get to your top priorities
  • Travel strategies that let you dream big
  • Techniques and tips for every room in your home
  • Self-care ideas
  • Secrets to letting go and living joyfully

Whether you are recently diagnosed or an RA veteran, you’ll find actionable ideas to improve the quality of your life—starting today.

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