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Taking in love, death, reincarnation, mysticism, and Trans-Dimensional Communication (TDC), this is one of the most thought-provoking and honest books you will ever read.
With thousands of spirit messages recorded, Roderick Millington is one of the world's leading practitioners of TDC, a close relative of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). He is also a leading business-to-business writer, with over 20 million words published to date, and approaches TDC with the inquiring mind of an investigative journalist.
In ‘TDC – Tales of a Battery-Powered Psychic Medium’, Roderick writes about numerous spiritual experiences, including a direct answer to prayer, an eight-hour mystical encounter, and meeting a strange man with the stigmata. Then there is the ‘dark’ peak experience of 1983 that acted as a forerunner to a psychic cataclysm in 2020, plus how great music and a broken heart combined to create an emotionally shattering yet genuinely divine transcendental experience.
This book will open your mind and your heart to new possibilities.
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