Date: 14 November, 2020

Storytelling has become a buzzword in marketing, but do stories work in other areas of business? How? Making sense and meaning are essential to every human endeavour and hence mission critical for every business leader. Drawing on insights from neuroscience and using everyday examples, Guptara reveals how Storytelling is a brain hack and shows how to ‘hack’ seven key areas of communication, from small talk to sales and from self-development to getting buy-in for a vision, idea or strategy. Whether you’re new to story-telling or already a pro, this definitive little guide is the hack to understanding and using your ultimate communications hack – stories.

From informal meetings to public speaking: our ability to get ahead stands and falls with our ability to be heard, understood, and believed, personally and professionally. But how do we capture interest and imagination in an age of information inflation? When you have an important message, you need to communicate it so that it CLICKS (makes immediate sense) and STICKS (is memorable, repeatable, and consistently acted upon).

You can hack this communications challenge with stories. Storytelling is a brain hack.

This is your hacker’s guide to:
• save time and nerves – get through to people quickly
• save money – communication errors are costing your organisation
• master storytelling – even if you’re not ‘creative’

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