Date: 9 March, 2021

Southeast Asia has a long and complicated history. The many threads of its history are often found tangled with many other times, places, and political personalities. It can be a little difficult untangling the strands of these powerful Southeast Asian civilizations, but this book has really run the gamut as it pertains to finding the individual wellsprings from which all of these nations, kingdoms, and empires have sprung. Here you will learn the origins of majestic realms such as Indonesia, Burma, and the Philippines.

Not only will you learn about their origin, but you will also discover how they evolved over the years and their current status today. This book covers ancient Southeast Asia, the mid-period, colonialism, World War Two occupation by the Japanese, the aftermath of the war, and the subsequent revolutions. The history of this region is a riveting story full of all manner of plot twists and developments. If you would like to learn more about Southeast Asia or are just up for an entertaining read, you’ve come to the right place!

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