Date: 28 May, 2021

Annie’s quirky and spicy memoir, I Did Not Kill My Husband : But I Almost Killed Myself, will have you howling with laughter one minute, and wiping away tears the next. She found herself standing next to the tracks of an oncoming train, seriously contemplating stepping in front of it and ending her own life.

The culprit? She was the spouse of a husband who was battling the disease of alcoholism. Shortly after she decided to spare her own life, Annie’s husband died from complications of the disease. Alcoholism is a silent killer. Everyone things, ‘That won’t happen to us’, but it does. People die from this disease every day and yet… While it’s infiltrating homes and ripping families apart, most people keep it a secret.

Annie’s story dives right in, in complete vulnerability, to all of the uncomfortable truths about being the spouse of an alcoholic… And the aftermath once things turn deadly. She screams out loud about this controversial topic, keeping you on the edge of your seat as things unfold. This is just the right book for anyone who finds themselves fighting this same battle. It’s a tumultuous tale with hope for recovery and a happy ending.

Only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle from May 27 – June 11, 2021