Date: 4 March, 2021

What would you do if you discovered thousand year old immortals were living, working, going to school, and even shopping, in the most secret place in all the world?

When tragedy strikes the parents of Tristan, Charlie and Eve, they are torn from their London home and whisked away into the Scottish Highlands to stay with their aunt and uncle.

While exploring the mysterious wood one night, they stumble across a group of human-looking immortals, and become involved in a battle for their own safety.

The children discover that immortals have lived for centuries in an undiscovered place called Baradoohn, the greatest kept secret in the world. After being rescued by their new immortal guides, the children learn they are being wickedly hunted by the dangerous immortal, Markaeyla, though they do not know why. They must journey into Baradoohn and face the perils, while trying to discover why they are so important.

Battles with teums, powerful trixes, Dark Age gangsters, angry peelerpots, and the all-powerful Divisional Ministry are just a few of the challenges that lie in their way.

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