Date: 7 August, 2020

Juan Luis woke one morning with murder on his mind; even the elderly are subject to passion. In the sleepy, Spanish town of Canos de Belleza, a tale of jealousy and betrayal unfolds in KISSES FROM THE SUN. What is the secret behind the desolate, burned-down pier? When two strangers meet on a windswept beach, one of them holds the answer. A heart-rending tragedy emerges in THE PIER. A pirate takes the secret of Captain Kidd’s treasure to his grave – or does he? Find out in the swash-buckling AS I SAILED, AS I SAILED. No one will want to encounter the leprechaun that Murphy did in UNDER THE RAINBOW. He was fast with a gun, but the sharp-shooting Kid met his match WHEN THE STAGE CAME IN. Anyone can dance…if they have Fred Astaire’s shoes…in the romantic CHEEK TO CHEEK.

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