Date: 8 July, 2021

Matchday is a comedic novel about football pundits set in the 1992-93 season at the beginning of the era of the Premier League and satellite television. Football is about to become awesome.

As a new outspoken and provocative black pundit in a white world, Clyde Benjamin makes an instant impact. The former Wolverhampton Wanderers’ centre-forward wants to become the top, top pundit and will go to any ends to achieve this goal.

He sets out to discover the other pundits’ weaknesses and peccadillos to use against them and to destroy their careers. But television fame brings its own problems for Benjamin.

His feisty punditry sparks a feud with big name striker, Steve Collyer. As Benjamin’s career is on the up, a betrayed fan comes out of the woodwork seeking revenge. Football is the winner in this romp through the Beautiful Game.

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