Date: 3 December, 2020

Mermaids: overly optimistic sea dwellers.

Harpies: one-winged recluses.


She is bound to the sea…

Sotrea is your typical, whimsical Mermaid. Until she begins having terrifying nightmares. Needing a distraction, she leaves Prescia — her home deep in the ocean — and has an unforgettable encounter at the water’s surface.

He is bound to the sky…

Kaitrou’s day starts out horribly: being attacked by Angels and dropped into the ocean, doomed to drown for eternity. Luckily, he is saved by a passing Mermaid…who just happens to be his Fated One

War is on the horizon…

Their love is like a fairytale, but when Sotrea mysteriously disappears, it sends Kaitrou into a rage that he unleashes on her when she returns. However, there are more pressing matters than their troubled union. Naidine and Yun, two Rulers, have declared war on the peaceful Mermaids and it’s up to Sotrea and Kaitrou to rally help to fight against this dawning threat.

Will they find allies in time?

Will they learn to overcome the differences in their Races?

So much is at stake in this sexy, seductive story.

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