Date: 27 August, 2020

For Phoebe Roberts, starting life at Cambridge University was just what she needed to throw off the ugly duckling mantle she’d worn for too long, and finally emerge as a swan. She didn’t think life could get any better, until the hypnotic green eyes of tall, dark and fascinating, Ethan Ward claimed her over a late-night transatlantic Skype call and she fell, headlong, into love. Ever since the premature death of his parents forced Ethan from the family’s Californian vineyard, he’d lived in New York, but despite a successful career as a sought-after lawyer, he still yearned for the life he’d been born into and the beautiful Ward vineyard he’d once called home.

When he unexpectedly meets Phoebe, her innocence, spontaneity and wicked sense of humour throw open the door to a second chance of happiness with the English beauty. Despite all the odds, obstacles and miles that separate them, they seem destined to enjoy a rare future. But nearly ten years earlier somebody else had staked an unrecognized, unwanted and unbalanced claim on Ethan Ward. Somebody who was prepared to go to any lengths, however malicious, to get what they wanted. Somebody who would ultimately tear the couple apart.

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