Date: 9 March, 2021

Psychologists and psychiatrists in the 1980s discovered a phenomenon causing a number of psychological and physical problems that could not be resolved through traditional therapy, hypnotherapy or energy work. These psychologists came to describe this phenomenon as earthbound spirit attachment and dark force entity attachment. Ancient civilizations down through recorded history have always recognized this and called it Possession.

Suzanne Biddiscombe discovered the same phenomenon in her hypnotherapy practice and has concluded that traumatic events create susceptibility to types of spirit attachment, spirit interference or spirit possession. This eBook is for both mental health practitioners and people in general. For the health practitioner who has been unable to help certain clients spirit release work may assist them. For people suffering from anxiety, depression and addictions or baffling physical problems spirit release work may be the solution.

In this book you will learn the following:

◆ The nature of earthbound spirits and dark force entities

◆ How to identify earthbound spirits and dark force entities

◆ Practical ways to witness and clear earthbound spirits and dark force entities

◆ Compelling historical and contemporary research from traditionally trained Western psychologists, psychiatrists and academics regarding this phenomenon

◆ Case studies and transcripts from Suzanne Biddiscombe’s large archive of spirit release work

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