Date: 22 April, 2021

Adrian watched the gob of spit trickle down the shop window. No one inside had noticed! Rage subsumed him. “GIVE ME MY CHIPS YOU FUCKERS,” he roared, before again spitting with as much force as he could muster against the window. Now he had their attention. This is a book that will give you some insight into the lives of the most difficult, challenging, troubled, and damaged children in our society.

I loved the atmosphere of the book, the vividly drawn characters, the high jinks, cajoling young people from their beds, sharing their pain and joy. Warmth and laughter dazzled through the grim reality of poverty and neglect. Peter Ward, former Head of Norfolk Adoption and Fostering Service A compelling and beautifully written account… revealing of the lonely world of the most difficult kid in the school. You will look at that child differently after reading this book., Sandra Weeks, parent and school governor.

This immensely readable book has gripping stories that filled me with horror…..that so many of our young people are falling through the gaps and that we have an education system that simply does not meet their needs. Dr. Sue Roffey, teacher, psychologist, academic and author No matter how difficult or challenging these kids were, “Respect” vowed never to give up on any of them.

This book should be compulsory reading for all politicians and be a core text on teacher training courses. Martin Phillips, Teacher and former Local Authority Adviser

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