Date: 26 July, 2020

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Two captivating manuscripts in one book:

– The Mughal Empire: A Captivating Guide to the Mughal Empire in South Asia and the Impact the Mughals Had on the History of India

– The British Raj: A Captivating Guide to the British in India, Starting from the Indian Rebellion of 1857 to the Indian Independence Act of 1947

During its peak, the Mughal Empire was one of humanity’s most powerful and richest political entities, overshadowed maybe only by contemporary China.

The empire relied on its military, and as such, most of its income was spent on supplying and maintaining the most modern army of the period.

The rulers relied on conquest, which would reward the most loyal soldiers and bring new lands and people who would farm it.

The British Raj did not cover just where India is today. In fact, it spanned across the territories of four separate states that exist today: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Burma.

It is estimated that around a quarter of a million British were buried in these territories since the East India Company set its first foothold.

The oldest European graves can be found in port cities such as Madras or Bombay, where the first merchants settled trading offices.

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