Date: 20 June, 2021

Twelve years later, in 1620, the Pilgrims started their journey from Plymouth, England, and were blown off course, landing in Plymouth, North America. As if it was a sign from God, the Pilgrims decided not to continue their journey but to settle right where they landed, starting one of the earliest American communities.

This book traces the journey of the Pilgrims before the Mayflower even set sail.

To understand what drove the Pilgrims into a form of self-exile, one must look further back to when King Henry VIII of England ruled. Religion was very important to the American settlers, and when they were not allowed to practice it the way they wanted, the Separatists emerged, demanding their religious rights and freedoms.

England wasn’t ready to allow the Separatists the freedoms for which they asked, and they started thinking about leaving.

Holland was a natural choice because it was one of the rare countries in Europe that allowed religious practice, at least in the way the Separatists saw as suitable. But even there, this religious community didn’t find what they were looking for.

They remained there for only a decade and decided to move once more. It was then that they realized they were Pilgrims. They were travelers in search of their holy place, a land they could call home and shape it to their needs.

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