Date: 20 August, 2020

‘Ubon: The Last Camp Before Freedom’ is the untold story of a Japanese Prisoner of War camp created for three thousand men to construct an airstrip at Ubon in north-east Thailand. It begins when Thailand became a Japanese ally, followed by the secret formation of the Seri Thai resistance movement by a prominent Thai politician to oppose Japanese domination. Eventually, the British Special Operations Executive arrived in the Ubon area to train the Seri Thai, but the Japanese surrender abruptly changed their plan.

Extensive research in Ubon has revealed the camp’s daily life, its unorthodox liberation, and the exceptional generosity from Ubon’s citizens, which is commemorated by a lasting memorial. The story describes disarming the Japanese, identifying war criminals, and suppressing remaining resistance, which sometimes ended tragically.It is a story of the faith held by the Prisoners of War, the Seri Thai, and the people of Thailand that one day the Japanese will be finished.

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