Date: 20 July, 2021

These practical strategies and daily habits for overcoming anxiety will set both you and your child free. Do you get a gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you think about trying to do certain things with your child? Are you avoiding specific activities because you don’t want to put your little one in a position where they feel scared or worried? Anxiety is more prevalent in our society than ever before, and we’re all affected by it. Sadly, this is even true for kids these days. The era of youthful innocence seems to be coming to an end. In Understanding Your Anxious Child, you’ll discover: Scientific insight into how anxiety affects your child’s brain and mood so that you can better understand what’s actually going on with them. 5 of the most important things NOT to do as a parent — and how your self-awareness is going to benefit your child. The reason your behavior as a parent is so crucial to your child’s success — plus: 3 powerful tips for connecting on a deeper level with your kids about how they feel. Effective practices for accepting anxiety as it is (start implementing them with your kids today!)… and much more.

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