Date: 26 March, 2021

Although there are many books on the golf swing, none focuses on taking the mystique out of golf for women new to the game. Here is a step by step guide which provides an insight into the often unwritten rules for conduct both on and off the golf course. WOMEN NEW TO GOLF is the first book to:

• Offer 10 tips on how to decide if golf is for you without spending a fortune;

• Provide the longest list ever compiled of questions you need to ask before you decide which golf club to join;

• Explain in easy-to-understand language the 5 rules of golf you must learn in order to be a better informed player;

• Present the various characteristics that drive people crazy about new golfers as well as those that they most appreciate;

• Describe the 7 most common unsporting tactics and recommend how to deal with them;

• Include a comprehensive glossary of over 50 golfing terms.

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